2013 Results

CAT 06 - Retail Services (FLM)


Futatsu Industries (NORWAY)

Kondomeriet, Adult (sex) toys: "Invest in Your Relationship While You Still Have One" Campaign
"Male "

Agency (& City): Futatsu Industries

Creative Director(s): Aris Teophilakis

Copywriter(s): Ane Lynau, Hilde Rød

Art Director(s): Ane Lynau, Hilde Rød

Production Company (& City): Motion Blur

Film Director(s): Hallvar Witzø

Production Company Producer(s): Bruno Ø. Kvae

Short explanation

Kondomeriet is not a store for perversions or kinky sex,
it’s simply a tool to improve your relationship.


Kondomeriet is Norway’s biggest retailer of adult (sex) toys.
It is a famous brand with classy stores.