2013 Results

CAT 07 - Financial Services (FLM)


Ogilvy & Mather, Thailand (THAILAND)

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited, Thai Life Insurance: "Forget Me Not"07-00630-FLM

Agency (& City): Ogilvy & Mather, Thailand

Copywriter(s): Korn Tepintarapiraksa/Rudee Surapongraktrakool/Kris Garford Spindler

Art Director(s): Korn Tepintarapiraksa

Production Company (& City): Phenomena Co., Ltd Bangkok

Film Director(s): Thanonchai Sornsriwichai

Production Company Producer(s): Panida Ngamsompong

Agency Producer(s): Yuthapong Varanukrohchocke

Managing Director: Phawit Chitrakorn

Group Account Director: Thitima Liangpanich

Communications Manager: Morrakot Rieanthong

Planner: Vanich Jirasuwankij/Nuntaporn Laoruangroj

Cinematographer: Tweesak Kumpati

Editor: Manop Boonwipas

Sound Production Company: Cine Digital Sound

Sound producer : Chumpol Sepsawasdi

Music Composer: Terdsak Janpan

Short explanation

We picked up the issue of an Alzermer’s which is one of the common diseases found among senior consumers. Then we strengthen our core values and vision of ‘Value of Lives’ through the unconditional love story of one elder couple “ Boonsong and Wandee”. Wandee is suffers from an Alzheimer’s and can't remember each individual day. Thought, Wandee doesn’t remember that Boonsong is her husband. Boonsong do remember everything about Wandee and never gave up on taking care of her unconditionally as he promised on the wedding day “I will take care of you for the remainder of your days”.

The love story reflects and emphasizes Thai Life’s mission that is “Always caring because every life has its value. No matter what happen to your life or your beloved one, Thai Life is going to taking of you in every step of your life as always.”


Thai Life Insurance discovered that Thailand's population composition has changed significantly over the last 10 years. Thai society is clearly aging and the 0-14 age group has proportionately decreased compared to seniors aged 60 years and up. , Thai Life insurance saw an opportunity with middle-aged target, the group that has purchasing power. Thus, Thai Life Insurance decided to promote its retirement policy called “CONFIDENT RETIREMENT’. This policy provides a pension until 90 years of age and can sign a special contract to receive protection against over 40 illnesses and Alzheimer’s. In addition, it gives benefit from personal tax deductions of up to 300,000 Baht per year. The insight of this policy is to encourage consumers to planning a secure future and ensure happy life after retired.