2013 Results

CAT 07 - Financial Services (FLM)



Sekerbank, Sekerbank Ekokredi (Eco Loan): "Eco Loan Bulgarians"07-01191-FLM

Agency (& City): CONCEPT / ISTANBUL

Creative Director(s): KEREM OZKUT

Copywriter(s): ERTUG TUGALAN

Art Director(s): NAMIK ERGİN

Agency Producer(s): LEVENT KOSTEPEN

Production Company: AUTONOMY


Short explanation

ECO LOAN is a bank loan that helps people save money with helping them save energy. But the concept of saving money is used a lot by other Turkish banks for years. Our target audience would be indifferent to another bank commercial that says save money.

Instead of talking about saving money, raise awareness about saving energy in Turkey which imports %75 of its energy. By using ECO LOAN to insulate buildings, Turkey can save electricity and natural gas.

Target audience: Turkish people who are not aware of that Turkey imports most of the energy abroad

Creative Solution: We decided to launch a campaign about energy saving awareness that looked like a public interest campaign. The fact that Turkey imports most of its energy from abroad was the core idea. We see a middle aged couple sitting in their living room. Man calmly reads his paper, woman prepares some food. She decides to turn on the airconditioner, as the airconditioner starts to work, a Bulgarian folk group dancing happily in the living room. Couple doesn't notice the folk group at all and continue their calm, silent life. Because, as the rest of Turkey, they don't know that Turkey imports 75 percent of its energy abroad. Each time they turn on their airconditioner in their uninsulated home, they are making other countries happier without even noticing it.


The main purpose of SEKERBANK EKOKREDI (ECO LOAN) is to introduce people with energy saving. Sekerbank provides ECO LOAN, both individual and corporate in order to protect energy savings and nature. There are different types of loans; insulation, productive heat/cold, productive lightening, solar power, A class electronic devices, modern irrigation devices, energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energy.