2013 Results

CAT 07 - Financial Services (OUT)


Drive Dentsu - Beirut (LEBANON)

MoneyGram, International Money Transfer: "Flags" Campaign
"UAE-Djibouti Arrow", "Germany-Jordan Arrow" & "Lebanon-Philippines Arrow"

Agency (& City): Drive Dentsu (Beirut)

Creative Director: Alain Shoucair

Art Director: Jad Nassif

Account Director: Nadine Kazan

Short explanation

The concept banks on the arrow as shaped by the juxtaposition of two flags to represent the act of transfer from one country to another, bridging the distance gap between people all over the world.


MoneyGram's international money transfer services are an affordable, convenient option to traditional banks and credit cards, allowing people to reliably send and receive money around the world in as fast as 10 minutes.