2013 Results

CAT 08 - Homes, Furnishings & Appliances (FLM)



Samsung, Smart TV: "King of TV City"08-00055-FLM

Agency (& City): CHI & Partners London

Creative Director(s): Jonathan Burley

Copywriter(s): Rob Webster

Art Director(s): Alexei Berwitz

Production Company (& City): Stink London

Film Director(s): Adam Berg

Production Company Producer(s): Ben Croker

Agency Producer(s): Alex Nicholson

DOP: Mattias Montero

Editing Company: Trim London

Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Sound Design: Brian Emrich

Visual Effects Artist: Frank Lambertz/Christopher Antoniou/Mark Gregory/Jama Dujurabaev/Steph Karim

Music Artist & Title: John Murphy- Adagio in D Minor

Cinrmatographer: Mattias Montero

Lighting: Mattias Montero

Production Design/Art Director: Ninon De Klerk

Camerman: Emile Moller

Post Production Company: MPC

Executive Producer: Chris Allen

Short explanation

Set in an eerily deserted city, this epic TV spot promotes the new Samsung Smart TV, a television that can be controlled using voice and hand gestures. In the commercial, we see a man wandering through the deserted city and encountering various extreme characters from the world of TV content and film. From a rampaging herd of wildebeest to a giant T-Rex, Porsche Le Mans racing cars, a cute teddy bear on a bicycle and a terrifying alien invasion, our man controls each one using his voice and hands to demonstrate the Samsung’s ‘new way to control TV’.