2013 Results

CAT 09 - Household Maintenance (FLM)


Leo Burnett France (FRANCE)

Delipapier, Le Trèfle - Toilet Paper: "Emma"09-00181-FLM

Agency (& City): Leo Burnett France (Saint-Denis)

Creative Director(s): Xavier Beauregard

Copywriter(s): Hadi Hassan-Helou

Art Director(s): Jérôme Gonfond

Production Company (& City): Henry de Czar (Paris)

Film Director(s): Bart Timmer

Production Company Producer(s): Jean-Luc Bergeron

Agency Producer(s): Elisabeth Boitte (WAM)

Short explanation

Today the war rages on between those who want everything digital, and the defenders of paper. That's why the ad features a man who is inseparable from his iPad. His partner on the other hand, Emma, uses paper for everything: to draw, leave messages on Post-it notes, do a crossword puzzle and read a paperback.
Throughout the ad, the man reminds his partner she could be using an iPad instead. ''Emma'' he repeats like a chorus. But as the man finds out during a trip to the loo, he's out of loo paper and calls out ''Emma''. She slips him his iPad under the door with a picture of a toilet roll. He realises an iPad has its limits.
The ad ends with the important reminder: ''Paper has a great future".
Packshot Le Trèfle, with extra paper.


Toilet Paper (with extra paper.)