2013 Results

CAT 10 - Public Interest (FLM)


w&cie (FRANCE)

FNSF, organization: "The Breath"10-00528-FLM

Agency (& City): W&Cie (boulogne Billancourt)

Creative Director(s): Ivan Pierens

Copywriter(s): Renan Cottrel

Art Director(s): Arnaud Wacker

Production Company (& City): WANDA PRODUCTIONS (saint Denis la Plaine)

Film Director(s): Wilfrid Brimo

Short explanation

In 2012, the 39 19 domestic violence info telephone number of the National Federation of Women’s Solidarity celebrates its 20th birthday.
This year, the idea was not to highlight domestic violence consequences but the efficiency of the number against it.
The metaphor of the breath captures well, on the 20th birthday, the crucial part played by the number in the fight against domestic violence.
Breath switches off candles but it is also able to push away violence. It symbolizes hope for numerous women who do not know yet the existence of the number. Violence is filmed like a tragic ballet stopped by a woman’s breath who embodies all battered women.


The National Federation of Women's Solidarity is a network of twenty years. Associations involved in the fight against all forms of violence against women.