2013 Results

CAT 10 - Public Interest (FLM)



Public Health England, Smokefree: "Mutation"10-00591-FLM

Agency (& City): DARE, London

Creative Director(s): Nick Bird & Lee Smith

Copywriter(s): Stuart Woodall

Art Director(s): Sean Vrable

Production Company (& City): HLA, London

Film Director(s): Simon Ratigan

Production Company Producer(s): Tim Daukes

Agency Producer(s): Donna Baker

Account Director: Robin Bond

DOP: Martin Hill

Casting Director: Sasha Robertson

Editing House: The Quarry

Editor: Owen Oppenheimer

Post Production Company: The Hill

Post Producer: Gemma Humphries

Telecine: Seamus O'Kane

Flame/Online (FX): Barnsley

Recording Studio: 750mph

Sound Engineer: Sam Ashwell

Short explanation

Armed with the fact that every 15 cigarettes causes a mutation in your body, we took an invisible process and made it viscerally, off-puttingly visible. We showed a tumour growing on a cigarette with the aim of “infecting” the pleasurable ritual of smoking with the true horror of what’s going on when smokers take a drag.

The result: the most recalled anti-smoking ad since tracking began almost a decade ago.