2013 Results

CAT 10 - Public Interest (FLM)



The Norwegian Association of the Blind, Admission for Guide Dogs: "It Could Have Been Worse."10-00712-FLM

Agency (& City): TRY/APT Oslo

Copywriter(s): Øystein Halvorsen

Art Director(s): Karin Lund

Photographer(s): Øystein Lundstrøm

Production Company (& City): Fantefilm Oslo

Film Director(s): Magnus Martens

Production Company Producer(s): Hugo Hagemann Føsker

Agency Producer(s): Trond Sandø / Ulla Hennum Birkrem

Post production: Shortcut Norge

Offline: Thomas Trælnes

Short explanation

We see different blind people in taxis, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. They all have with them different animals – guide animals. This is not working out very good. A donkey refuses to move, a goose makes a lot of noise in the taxi, etc. Finally we see a woman with a guide dog. Tagline: “It could have been worse. It’s just a dog we want to bring.”