2013 Results

CAT 10 - Public Interest (PRE)



Accem, Accem ONG: "Flag of the Refugees" Campaign
"UK Flag", "USA Flag" & "Zimbabwe Flag"

Creative Director(s): Pedro Soler

Copywriter(s): Íñigo Andiarena, Álvaro Navarro

Art Director(s): Alfredo Vaz, Antía García, Paco Marcos

Planner: Manuel López-Piñeiro

Short explanation

Every year, on 20 June, World Refugee Day, ACCEM sets a full programme of activities to show, explain and convey the reality of refugees and displaced people in the world.

On the occasion of this day we were asked to develop a communication campaign for press and outdoor which would show the work they are carrying out.

The flag has a sense of belonging. Showing that inside one country you can find different countries, we got the chance to communicate the work of ACCEM in a conceptual way using the most representative icon of a country: the flag. So, we created the concept: Integrating refugees, keeping identities.


ACCEM is one of the main NGOs in Spain which works with refugees and immigrants.