2013 Results

CAT 12 - Clothing, Footwear & Personal Accessories (PRE)


Tazefikir (TURKEY)

Opmar Optical Store, Men’s and Women’s Glasses: "Thousands of Models to Be Yourself"12-00581-PRE

Agency (& City): Tazefikir & İstanbul

Creative Director(s): Çağlar Gözüaçık

Copywriter(s): Melike Çevik

Art Director(s): Sadık Sakin

Short explanation

-Although prescription glasses have utmost importance for correcting visual acuity and protecting eye health, they also serve as important accessories that define a person’s image and / or personality.
Therefore, the model of glasses you choose, can define yourself.
The rationale of this ad is based on this insight. Today, almost everyone from different parts of the world recognize John Lennon at the first look and in fact, his image is based on his glasses.

You can also find the glasses that fits you the most and makes you a legendary character, among thousands of models available at Opmar Optical Store.


-Opmar Optical Store sells thousands of eyewear models with designer frames and different lens types