2013 Results

CAT 12 - Clothing, Footwear & Personal Accessories (PRE)



CAM, The World of Children: "Grow Up" Campaign
"Tailor of the shadows", "Fisherman of aquariums", "Stylist of the trees", "Parking valet of the sea" & "Doctor of snowmen"

Agency (& City): DLVBBDO, Milan

Executive Creative Director(s): Federico Pepe / Stefania Siani

Copywriter: Dennis Casale

Art Director: Matteo Pozzi

Illustrator(s): Davide Calluori - Daniele Tribi

Graphic Design: Lorenzo Piccinini

Account Director: Tiziana Perotti

Account Executive: Silvia Veronese

Short explanation

Cam, il mondo del bambino (Cam, the world of children) is one of Italy’s leading producers of products for children.
The brand positioning is "Looking at the world through children's eyes", in which the imaginative way that children see the world becomes the leading theme of its campaigns.
So we came up with a simple creative concept, “Grow Up”, jobs from a different point of view, seen through children’s imaginative eyes.