2013 Results

CAT 13 - Automobiles (FLM)



Volkswagen, Start/stop Technology: "Baby"13-01880-FLM

Agency (& City): adam&eveDDB (London)

Executive Creative Director(s): Jeremy Craigen

Copywriter(s): Nikki Lindman /Toby Brewer

Art Director(s): Nikki Lindman /Toby Brewer

Production Company (& City): Outsider (London)

Film Director(s): James Rouse

Production Company Producer(s): Benji Howell

Agency Producer(s): Lucy Westmore

Cinematographer: Steve Keith Roache

Editor: Neil Smith

Short explanation

We see a dad driving his sleeping baby around the empty city in his VW Tiguan.
Every time he has to stop his car, it’s engine automatically cuts out and the baby immediately wakes up and cries. When the lights turn green, the engine hums back to life and the baby drifts happily back to sleep. The dad endures this stopping and waking his baby several more times.
Eventually, the dad stops alongside another car, a Volkswagen Golf. His baby starts crying again, but this time is joined by the cries from another baby from the Golf next to him. “Start/stop technology, available across the range.” They give each other a sympathetic nod, before driving off their separate way. The VO continues “At least you’ll save money on fuel.”


VW Start/Stop technolgy: Every time you have to stop the car, the engine automatically cuts out, saving you money on fuel and keeping the planet as green as possible.