2013 Results

CAT 15 - Media (OUT)


Babel (FRANCE)

Time Out Paris: "The Selection"15-01494-OUT

Agency (& City): Babel (& Paris)

Creative Director(s): Paul Wauters

Copywriter(s): Romain Grange

Art Director(s): Kamel Makhloufi

Account Manager: rosie clifton-van-vliet

Short explanation

One of the classic in the Parisian metro, is the 4X3 billboard with all the theatre posters on it. Every theatre rents a portion of this billboard and puts up the poster of their current play. The result : an impressive patchwork of 40 different posters, crammed into one billboard.


Time Out Paris (www.timeout.fr) is a website which offers informations about events, culture...anything that can make a good night for a Parisian.