2013 Results

CAT 15 - Media (FLM)


Y&R Group Switzerland AG (SWITZERLAND)

SonntagsZeitung (Tamedia), Sunday Paper: "Nurse Merkel"15-02120-FLM

Agency (& City): Y&R Group Switzerland AG

Creative Director(s): Martin Stulz

Group Account Director : Christoph Schwarz

Account Director: Valeska Pfeil

Production Company (& City): MARKENFILM SCHWEIZ AG, Zurich

Short explanation

Information today is often one-dimensional and superficial. It’s different in the “SonntagsZeitung”. The Sonntagszeitung is getting to the core of things and reveals a much more complex picture. This is visualized through the Babushka-principle: beginning with a superficial topic, layer by layer the figures reveal a deeper insight to themes such as the relationship between Germany and Greece. In the spot, German chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Greece to get Minister Samaras on board with the European Union’s austerity measures. In the x-ray picture created by the Sonntagszeitung, we see chancellor Merkel first as a benevolent nurse, and then as a surgeon constantly needing to resort to more serious measures.


Sunday Paper