2013 Results

CAT 15 - Media (OUT)



Situation Stockholm, Magazine: "CV Campaign" Campaign
"Markku", "Susanne", "Title", "Stig" & "Pierre"

Agency (& City): INGO Stockholm

Creative Director(s): Björn Ståhl

Copywriter(s): Björn Persson

Art Director(s): Timo Orre/Richard Baynham

Illustrator(s): Attributverket

Graphic Design: Kerstin Engberg

Short explanation

A harsh winter of 6 months of the year makes it hard to be homeless in Stockholm. Some 700 homeless people get help by selling the magazine Situation Stockholm. But the growing number of homeless made it more difficult to sell the magazine. Sales dropped 22% during 2012. So we helped people discover the sellers again. By letting some sellers write their authentic CVs and tell their tragic life story through them. And by choosing a media close to the selling situation. The campaign got massive attention in all medias, including national TV, making the homeless of Stockholm a nation matter. More importantly - they hoped for a sales increase of 50% compared to previous month. The actual increase was 101,5%. The December issue sold out a week early.


Situation Sthlm is a magazine sold by homeless people in Stockholm.