2013 Results

CAT 15 - Media (OUT)



The Economist Group, Magazine: "Surprising Reads" Campaign
"What's the Rush?", "Your Train May Never Come", "Next Stop, the Moon" & "And Now, the Mexican Traffic Report"

Copywriter(s): Paul Falla/Mark Muller

Art Director(s): Bas De Graaf/Martin Cornelissen

Account Supervisor: Iain Howe

Planner: Arnd-Jan Gulmans

Short explanation

The brief
The Economist is well known in the UK.
In Germany it has an awareness of 2%.
We needed to change this.

The idea:
We know potential readers love reading, so we gave them something to read.
Our idea: a campaign bringing media, creative and the board of editors of The Economist working as one.
We focused on Berlin.
We asked our media partner to map out the locations where we could find our potential readers.
The media became the brief for the editors to find a topic and write the articles to create a smart match with each media type,

The solution (How)?
We turned media space into reading space.
Giving Berliners a fresh view and a taste of what The Economist is about.
The campaign got Berlin reading… and talking
Awareness went up to 12%
We even got a complement form the editor in chief Wolfgang Blau of the biggest local
Competitor, Die Zeit.
He just needed 109 characters.
Germany is now aware of The Economist.