2013 Results

CAT 15 - Media (FLM)



Editrice Quadratum, Rolling Stone Magazine: "Rocker vs DJ"15-03211-FLM

Agency (& City): DLVBBDO, Milan

Executive Creative Director(s): Federico Pepe / Stefania Siani

Copywriter: Matteo Maggiore

Art Director: Valerio Mangiafico

Production Company (& City): Filmmaster Productions, Milan

Film Director: Federico Brugia

Production Company Producer(s): Anna Sica Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis

Music/ Composer / Artist: Kisk/Francesco Zani - Rolling Dj's (Original Mix) Courtesy Of Apparel Music Ltd

Editor: Marco Bonini

DOP: Paolo Caimi

Post Production Video and Effects: Band

Short explanation

A rebuke against DJs who increasingly steal the scene from bands and live music, replacing guitar, bass and drums with vocoders and CDs full of synthetic sounds. But rock isn’t just going to sit back and let it happen.
Rock’n’roll is ready to invoke its anathema.
Intentionally provocative images against everyone who thinks they can make music and engage with the masses without any musical expertise but merely by using other people’s files. The images in the film push the iconography to its limits of the perverse, desperate and illusory existence of people from the “synthetic” world. The sequences alternate rapidly, portraying objects, people and parodies of artificially lived lives. In counterpoint, a text recited like a sermon invokes an anathema in defence of the expertise and deserved fame of people who play real instruments and make real music.