2013 Results

CAT 16 - Recreation & Leisure (PRE)



Svenska Spel / Charlotte Burlin, Triss: "Triss - Suddenly, It Happens" Campaign
"Apartment", "Cabriolet", "Champagne", "Chateau" & "Gold card"

Agency (& City): KING, Stockholm

Creative Director(s): Frank Hollingworth

Copywriter(s): Linda Elers

Art Director(s): Alexander Elers and Daniel Hallberg

Account Director: Mirja Kais

Account Manager: Åsa Slättegård

Web Director: Thomas Larsson

Short explanation

With the concept “Suddenly, it happens”, we want to show how a Triss lottery ticket suddenly can change ones situation totally. By changing the meaning of a sentence through scratching and displaying letters and numbers we show how scratching literally can change everything.

Suddenly, it happens. Triss – scratch and win


Sweden's most popular scratch-off card.