2013 Results

CAT 18 - Prescription Products & Services (FLM)


Havas 360 (FRANCE)

Lehning, Biomag Agrumes: "Sounds of Nature"18-02148-FLM

Agency (& City): Havas 360 Paris

Co-CEO: Vincent Mayet

Executive Creative Director(s): Thomas Derouault

Copywriter(s): Antoine Palle

Art Director(s): Alfred Pelamatti

Production Company (& City): Caviar Paris

Film Director(s): Karim Hu Doo

Production Company Producer(s): Alexandra Sieger

Sound Production: THE

Agency Producers: Anne Mascorda, Cécile Ousset

Account Manager: Ophélie Dumay

Account Executive: Pauline Arguillere

Short explanation

At a time when the medicinal offer goes through a boom and people long for a simpler and more authentic health, Lehning, the worldwide known specialist of natural health, arises on the market of stress and fatigue.

To launch its new product BIOMAG Citrus Fruits, a TV and print (poster & press) campaign was put in place covering a 3 weeks period. The goal : enhance the efficiency of Biomag against anxiety and stress to favor purchases in pharmacies.

An innovative and original creation highlighting the strong benefits of nature, combined with an effective media plan, allowed Lehning to gain market shares and to continue establishing its unique brand identity


Pharmaceutical laboratory based on natural products