2013 Results

CAT 19 - Corporate Image (PRE)


Y&R Beijing (CHINA)

Penguin China, Penguin Books: "Change Direction" Campaign
"Paparazzi", "Chef", "Jockey", "Acupuncturist" & "Footballer"

Agency (& City): Y&R Beijing

Creative Director(s): Ronnie Wu/Donghai Liu/Nils Andersson

Copywriter(s): Donghai Liu/Gao Han/Nils Andersson

Art Director(s): Candy Wang/Ronnie Wu/Jianjun Geng/Nils Andersson

Illustrator(s): Louis Roskosch/James Clapham/Ghostshrimp/Josh Holinaty/Dushan Milic

Account Supervisor: Charles Sampson

Designer: Bruce Xie

Short explanation

Using interesting illustrations to convey the ideas of reading good books can effect one's entire life time story.