2013 Results

CAT 19 - Corporate Image (BC)



University of Antwerp: "Behind the Science"19-02811-BC

Agency (& City): LDV United - Antwerp

Creative Director: Bart Gielen

Copywriter: Pieter Staes

Art Director: Manuel Ostyn

Account Team: Petra De Roos - Katrien Vreys - Laura Van Avondt

Brand & Motion Design: Lotte Neirynck - Niki Desiron

Production Company : SixSix Production for National Geographic Channel

Creative Director NGC: NGC - Erro Verschoor

Communications Manager University of Antwerp: Jan Dries

Spokesman University of Antwerp: Peter De Meyer

Communications Coordinator University of Antwerp: Chantal Verelst

Transfer Media: Birgitta De Smet - Koenraad De Ridder - Laetitia Laetitia De Dycker

Short explanation

The University of Antwerp wanted to recruit more (high quality) students for its science
departments. But Belgium has several world-class universities, many with a better reputation for science ?Despite Antwerp's successes in this field. This makes it tough to attract the very best students.

Introducing: Behind the Science. A complete TV-series about the University of Antwerp's
groundbreaking research. Made by the most credible and popular source for science on the
planet: National Geographic Channel. In each of the five episodes we focused on a new field ofresearch where the University of Antwerp is the world leader.

Hidden Masterpieces: underneath the masterpieces of Goya and Van Gogh
Drug Sewers: research on drug use through sewage analysis
Between Atoms: world's most accurate microscope
Renewable energy: smart energy alternatives
Eco-economy: ecological transport
During the 5-week series, we created extra media attention for each episode.
For example:
We let a world famous artist paint over an important painting to promote the program 'Hidden
Masterpieces', the painting was installed in the hall of the Central Train Station as an
announcement for the program

During the 5 weeks of the broadcast, about 1 000 000 people watched the documentary
(Belgian population: 10 million inhabitants). But even better, it stayed in the public eye for more
than 2 months through on-going free publicity in all Belgian media (including over 60 news
articles in belgium & holland & 1 mention in a chinese newspapers) and digital buzz. It even
rocketed 'Behind the science' into the top 3 of most viewed science series on National
Geographic Channel. All this brought to live a new dynamic within the university turning students
and professors into a small army of proud ambassadors.
But of course a campaign only succeeds when awareness numbers result in business numbers.
So far, the University's open campus days have attracted 34% more visitors than previous year.
Proving that more students now know what studying science at the University of Antwerp could
mean for them.


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