2013 Results

CAT 21 - Consumer Direct (DM)


Y&R Philippines (PHILIPPINES)

Maynilad Water Services: "Dengue Bottle"21-02198-DM

Agency (& City): Y&R Philippines

Copywriter(s): Badong Abesamis

Art Director(s): Gra Benesa

Agency Producer(s): Ariel Bautista

Digital Artwork: Carlos Averion

Chief Creative Officer - Asia : Marcus Rebeschini

Chief Creative Officer: Badong Abesamis

Account Management: Mary Buenaventura, Ags Almasan, Kathleen Camus

Short explanation

Dengue fever is the most deadly mosquito-borne viral illness in the world. In the Philippines, hundreds upon hundreds die from it every year.

What people don't know is that simple technology is available to prevent it. All it takes is clean water--plus brown sugar and yeast placed in a bottle. Producing carbon dioxide, the mixture attracts mosquitoes, trapping and killing them inside the bottle.

Maynilad, a company that supplies clean water to the Philippine capital, distributed hundreds upon hundreds of these bottle mosquito traps to Filipinos.


Maynilad is a company that supplies tap water to the Philippine capital.