2013 Results

CAT 21 - Consumer Direct (DM)


Leo Burnett Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Coca-Cola: "Small World Machines"21-02211-DM

Agency (& City): Leo Burnett Sydney/Chicago

Creative Director(s): Andy DiLallo/Vince Lagana/Grant McAloon/Dave Loew/Jon Wyville/Sebastian Garin

Copywriter(s): Iggy Rodriguez

Art Director(s): Justin Carew

Production Company (& City): Highlight Films, India

Film Director(s): Patrick Fileti

Agency Producer(s): Adrian Gunadi

Production/Technology Company: The Super Group/Atlanta

2nd Unit Director: Angus Forbes

Account Director: Katie Nikolaus

Designers: Omari Miller/John-Henry Pajak

Director - Creative Technology: Chat Mirshak

Creative Technologists: Brendan Crich/Scott North

Executive Director of Production: Vincent Geraghty

Producer: Stephen Clark

Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo

Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel

Short explanation

1. The task was to bring to life Coca-Cola’s new ‘Crazy for Good’ strategy in an optimistic and powerful way.

The insight was that a moment of happiness has the power to bring the world closer together.

So we set about bringing that moment to two groups who would normally never connect but who were familiar with the values of Coca-Cola - India and Pakistan.

A 3 day direct response event encouraged them to step forward let them interact like never before.

In doing this we built brand love and proved a core belief of the Coca-Cola brand: what unites people is stronger than what sets them apart.

2. At the heart of the campaign lay 2 purpose built Coca-Cola machines equipped with world-first technologies that opened a portal between India and Pakistan.

Over 3 days, hundreds used th eSmall World Machines for the first time.

Each has a full body touchscreen, invented for the campaign, that allows eye to eye contact and physical interaction.

To use the machines, participants had to actively engage with each other, sending messages of peace, love and happiness. Each was rewarded with a can featuring the languages of the 2 nations.

3. Small World Machines are a highly visible and tangible realisation of Coca-Cola’s values, compelling consumers to get actively involved with the brand in a way that had never been done before.

They are purpose built to encourage interaction and break down borders, spreading Coke’s message of optimism and happiness.