2013 Results

CAT 21 - Consumer Direct (DM)



Situation Stockholm, Magazine: "CV Campaign"21-02549-DM

Agency (& City): INGO Stockholm

Creative Director(s): Björn Ståhl

Copywriter(s): Björn Ståhl

Art Director(s): Timo Orre/Richard Baynham

Photographer(s): Jens Andersson

Illustrator(s): Attributverket

Graphic Design: Kerstin Engberg

Account director: Kristian Florell

Short explanation

Homeless sellers of Situation Stockholm wrote their authentic CVs and told their tragic life story through them. The magazine is sold in and around the subway. The choice of media, posters in the subway, made direct action, immediate purchase of the magazine possible.


Situation Stockholm is a magazine sold by homeless people.