2013 Results

CAT 22 - Business to Business Direct (DM)


Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency (SOUTH AFRICA)

Africa Health Placements, Recruitment: "Stethoscope Radio Ad"22-01449-DM

Agency (& City): Boomtown South Africa

Creative Director(s): Andrew MacKenzie

Copywriter(s): Gary Welsh

Art Director(s): Tim Jones, Jedd McNeilage

Graphic Design: Tim Jones, Jedd McNeilage

Short explanation

This campaign combined 2 traditional mediums: Direct Mail and Radio, to create the world's first Stethoscope Radio Ad. We recorded a 30 second radio ad and compressed the audio to the exact frequency and level needed to only be audible through a standard stethoscope. When the doctors placed their stethoscope it activated a pressure sensitive device that triggered the mp3. Not only did the mailer spark huge interest from our target market, but it created a completely new medium to communicate with doctors - through their very own stethoscopes!


With 20% of the world’s population, sub-Saharan Africa languishes with only 2% of the world’s physicians. Attracting and retaining health workers and competent management is critical to solving the massive public health issues in this region. Africa Health Placements aims to enhance the healthcare delivery system in Africa through the provision of human resource solutions and services.