2013 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)



Publicis Groupe, Publicis Groupe 2013 Wishes: "The Human YouTube Player"23-00180-MI

Chief Creative Director: Bridget Jung

Creative Director: Nicolas Thiboutot

Creatives: Philippe Pinel / Frederick Lung

Art Director: Frederic Roux

Motion Designer: Jeremy Vissio

Programmer(s): Philippe Bordachar / Thibaut Perret

Communication Officer: Amelie Cruchet

Directeur de la Communication : Peggy Nahmany

Short explanation

For the annual Publicis Groupe end of year greeting, we hacked the YouTube player functionality to surprise each viewer with a very human and personal response from CEO Maurice Lévy.
The CEO personally interprets each navigation command by the viewer on the fly.
“Fast forward” - he shuffles through his notes to skip to the next part.
“Pause” - he takes a break.
“Change Volume” – he shouts or whispers.
“Change quality” – his office interior downgrades.
By giving each employee the chance to boss the Big Boss, we sparked interest in an otherwise conventional corporate message.


In previous years, Publicis Groupe end of year message video was seen on average by only 1 in 3 employees of the Publicis Groupe. With 59 000 employees across 104 countries, it’s the 3rd largest communications group in the world. In such a large organisation, encapsulating the Groupe and its values to make people feel part of, and connected with, a ‘bigger something’ is a real issue.