2013 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (MI)


TBWA Stockholm (SWEDEN)

Canal Digital, Satellite HDTV: "The Power of Better Picture and Sound"23-02217-MI

Agency (& City): TBWA Stockholm

Creative Director(s): Kalle Widgren

Copywriter(s): Johannes Ivarsson

Art Director(s): Alexander Fredlund, André Persson, Martin Baude

Production Company (& City): Acne Production

Film Director(s): Torbjorn Martin

Production Company Producer(s): Josefin Kollberg, Sofia Orrheim

Typographer(s): Stefan Gallon

Digital Artwork: Acne Production

Short explanation

The website "Blocket" is, by far, the biggest site for buying and selling stuff in Sweden, with over 4 million unique visitors per week. It's kind of a Swedish version of eBay. Swedes turn to Blocket to buy and sell a variety of items, particularly electronics for the home.
We took three ads on Blocket that weren't selling and added the power of high quality picture and sound and put them back onto Blocket.
Please view full case here: shipshelmet.com/blocket/en


Canal Digital is the TV-supplier with the highest picture and sound quality in Sweden.