2013 Results

CAT 23 - Media Innovation - Traditional Media (DM)



Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Classical Music Concerts: "Classicals Behind the Classics"23-02980-DM

Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro

Executive Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena

Creative Directors: Alessandra Sadock, Gustavo Tirre

Art Directors: Augusto Correia, Leonardo Marçal, Rodrigo Lopes

Copywriters: Augusto Correia, Leonardo Marçal, Rodrigo Lopes

Web Producers: Augusto Correia, Leonardo Marçal

Web Developer: Leonardo Marçal

Agency Producer: Ana Ourique

Photographer: Bruno Foscaldo

Account Executive: Ana Deccache

Account Manager: Pedro Sharp

Media: Tiago Pinheiro

Production Company: Tycoon, Rio de Janeiro

Film Director: Kiko Lomba

Production Company Producer: Samara França

Editor: Ralse, Augusto Correia

Client Manager: Sandra Pinto

Short explanation

The purpose of the campaign was to increase the audience of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. We filmed the orchestra playing themes of classic movies and used You Tube to make people realise they already like classical music. The answer came through a significant renovation to the age group of the audience, with a 40% increase of young people. The tickets sold out for this year’s season.