2013 Results

CAT 24 - Media Innovation - Alternative Media (MI)



Christoffel Blindenmission: "Shadow Faces"24-00375-MI

Agency (& City): Wirz / BBDO

Executive Creative Director(s): Philipp Skrabal

Copywriter(s): Wolfgang Bark

Art Director(s): Valentin Cheli, Paul Labun

Account Supervisor: Isabelle Jubin

Short explanation

50 Swiss francs save a person’s sight who is blind because of cataracts.
We wanted to run a fundraising campaign precisely where affluent individuals – and thus potential donors – congregate: at the prestigious Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. But how can you obtain space there if advertising in the Hotel is a no-go? With art instead of advertising.

Therefor we commissioned a light artist to dramatize emotionally what a 50-franc-bill could do. So he created 50-franc-bills that showed faces of real patients in their shadows, when light shone on them. To achieve that, bills were stuck on metal surfaces and shaped to project single facial silhouettes. Altogether, 78 different faces were crafted to convey our message: “Bring a person back from the dark. With 50 francs, you can cure a patient of cataracts.”
Hotel guests could send donations via text message from their mobile phones.


Die CBM Christoffel Blindenmission ist eine unabhängige christliche Entwicklungsorganisation und weltweit in Entwicklungsgebieten tätig. Seit über 100 Jahren setzt sich die CBM für blinde und anders behinderte Menschen ein