2013 Results

CAT 24 - Media Innovation - Alternative Media (MI)



The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Tochka G: "The Audioguide Project"24-01801-MI

Agency (& City): Young & Rubicam Moscow

Creative Director(s): Marco Cremona

Copywriter(s): Anton Zimin

Art Director(s): Federico Fanti

Production Company (& City): AdService, Moscow

Production Company Producer(s): Alexander Perminov

Agency Producer(s): Ilia Uturgauri

Short explanation

The media team realized that audio-guides have never been used before in advertising. This media looked interesting not only because it was innovative but mostly because it could reach our target in a very direct way (through headphones) in a moment in which the attention to the message is maximal.
We went to the famous Pushkin Museum in Moscow. We picked a work of art in the permanent collection and changed its boring audio-guide description into a much more sensual one.
We then gave out free audio-guides to adult Museum goers for one week, starting on Saturday December, 15th 2012. All the descriptions of the paintings were the same except for one, which was very sexy and fun. At the end of the description, visitors where told that the exhibition they were watching was great but if they wanted something even more exciting, they should visit Tochka G EroticMuseum.


Tochka G is the biggest Erotic Art Museum in Russia.