2013 Results

CAT 25 - Social Networks (BC)


Lowe Brindfors (SWEDEN)

Friends, Anti-bullying Organisation: "The Bullying Simulator"25-00743-BC

Agency (& City): Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm

Executive Creative Director: Rickard Villard

Communications Manager: Andreas Drufva, Jo Barker

Creative: Kalle Dos Santos

Creative: Henning Wijkmark

Creative: Josephine Wallin

Digital Producer: Markus Björk

Digital Producer: Tobias Löfgren

Account Director: Peter Preisler

Account Director: Magnus Wretblad

Production: B-Reel

Production Film: Folke Film

Short explanation

In Sweden 1/3 of all teens say they have been bullied online.

We wanted to expose parents and adults to the world of online bullying. A teen world that is most often closed for them.

We also wanted to send a message to the large social media corporations: Do you want to continue giving your silent approval to bullying by not acting or do you want to take a stand against it?

The solution was a Facebook application that made the user herself experience the everyday of a bullied teen.