2013 Results

CAT 25 - Social Networks (BC)


Leo Burnett Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census: "Run That Town"25-02221-BC

Agency (& City): Leo Burnett Sydney

Copywriter(s): Kieran Ots, Ayla Norris-Smith

Art Director(s): Zaid Al-Asady, Kieran Ots

Creative Director(s): Kieran Ots

Production Company (& City): Millipede/Melbourne

Agency Producer(s): Adrian Gunadi

Graphic Design: David Mugford, Mark White

Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo

Technical Director: Kevin Brown

Animators: David Guica, Toby Pederson, Keong Seet

Short explanation

We took the Census data from every one of Australia’s more than 2,500 postcodes, and turned it into a game.
Run That Town puts players in charge of their actual town, and tasks them with making decisions to keep their local population happy. The gameplay is unique in that it’s built on the real Census data of each postcode, putting that content in a relevant context for the player.
The gameplay models the opinions and responses of the local citizens on actual Census data. This means players can use this information to make better informed and more popular decisions.
By personalising the player’s experience with customised content and the real data from their own local area, Run That Town puts them in a scenario where the numbers are actually useful to them. It reveals interesting and surprising details about their own neighbourhood. And most of all, it turns dry, inaccessible numbers into something that feels useful, valuable and relevant to the player.