2013 Results

CAT 25 - Social Networks (PR)



Rock in Rio / Government of Brazil, Anti Drug Campaign for a Rock'n'Roll Festival: "Sex, __ & Rock'n'Roll"25-03200-PR

Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro

Executive Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena

Creative Directors: Alessandra Sadock, Gustavo Tirre

Art Director: Augusto Correia

Copywriter: João Resende

Web Developer: Leonardo Marçal

Information Architect: Augusto Correia

Short explanation

How does a rock'n'roll music festival stand against drugs without having a boring and damaged image? We sought the answer in the essence of rock really is about: freedom.
We created Sex, ___ & Rock’n’Roll. A website that allows people to express their attitude by creating their own Rock’n’Roll combos. People could input whatever they want and the site engine automatically loaded related images from Flickr. Then people could edit it in many ways, creating a unique art of their own. At the end, the resulting image might be saved as wallpaper or shared with everybody on the social networks.