2013 Results

CAT 26 - Mobile Communications (MI)


Hypermedia Isobar (POLAND)

Procter & Gamble, Blend-a-med: "Smiling Monuments"26-00730-MI

Agency (& City): Isobar, Warsaw

Creative Director(s): Maciej Nowicki

Copywriter(s): Marta Hermanowicz, Konrad Słonecki

Art Director(s): Jacek Gierlasiński

Account Director: Teresa Szabłowska

Photographer(s): Bartosz Morawski, Anna Wydro, Anna Caban

Short explanation

A smile changes everything!

On August 9th five well-known Warsaw statues went undergo seemingly small, but significant metamorphosis – they began to smile. Every smartphone user, walking nearby the statues, was able to change their stony faces, by putting on them smiles.

Action of blend-a-med aimed at turning attention to the fact, what big role plays smile in our life. We often don’t pay attention to it, but it is the smile, which makes us feel younger and more attractive. With a smile we win sympathy of the others, we gain friends and increase our chances for professional success. It’s also worth remembering, that smile relaxes us and makes us feel happier – it’s work of endorphins, called hormones of happiness. When we laugh, we stimulate our organism to produce more of them.

We know now, why smile is so important – now the only thing we need to do is smile! Let the smiles of Warsaw monuments inspire us every single day!

Experiment, made possible with Layar application, was performed on five Warsaw monuments: Chopin, Mickiewicz, Mermaid, Colleoni and one of statues from Wilanów Garden. Use of modern technology allowed smartphone users to change their serious, sometimes even sad appearances filling them with happiness and joy. To admire the change taking place in the statues thanks to the smile, one only needs to catch their faces with a smartphone with active Layar application. On the screen of the device appeared alternative, smiling versions of the monuments. That the beautiful smile can change the world around us and the way we are perceived convinces blend-a-med – organizer of the action.

The action began on August 9th. At the very same day passers-by had a chance to admire metamorphosis of Warsaw statue of Bartolomeo Calleoni. On the serious face of venetian condottiere, whose monument stands in the courtyard of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, wide smile was settled. For seven days changed face of the monument inspired passer-by’s to drop stony face and to smile more often.


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