2013 Results

CAT 26 - Mobile Communications (DM)


Y&R New Zealand (NEW ZEALAND)

Metservice, Meteorological Service of New Zealand: "Weather to Wake"26-02194-DM

Agency (& City): Y&R NZ

Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore

Creative Director(s): Scott Henderson, Maria Ward

Art Director(s): Lisa Dupre

Associate Creative Director : Tom Paine

Creative Planner: Jason Wells

Head of Design: Musonda Katongo

Executive Digital Producer : Bruce Murray

Senior Account Manager : Steph Patton

Designer : Leon Williams

Short explanation

New Zealanders love the outdoors. So much so, that we get up at pretty crazy hours to get on the ski slopes, on the water, or just out the front door to do the things we love.

But the outdoors, don’t always love us back. We’ve got some of the most changeable weather in the world – and there’s nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed, only to see that the weather has turned to custard.

So when Metservice – New Zealand’s weather site – tasked us with increasing their relevance to New Zealanders (and increasing their advertising revenue to boot), we saw an opportunity for a whole new service – and a whole new revenue platform.

‘Weather to Wake’ is a phone-based alarm clock that only sounds, when the weather is worth getting up for. Whether you’re planning on golfing, fishing , cycling, surfing, skiing or just an early morning jog – you select the time, place, and conditions you want.

The app wakes before you do, and checks the conditions against your preferences. If they’re right, you wake up. If not, you sleep in.

In a country where outdoor pursuits are mainstream, and the weather’s rarely certain, the app delivers huge value to a range of highly targeted audiences – golfers, yachties, fishermen and so forth – who in turn, deliver huge value to Metservice’s advertisers.


New Zealand's state owned official weather forecasts.