2013 Results

CAT 26 - Mobile Communications (BC)


Blumberry (GERMANY)

CDU / Angela Merkel, Federal Election Campaign: "The Talking Poster"26-03009-BC

Agency (& City): Blumberry, Berlin

Creative Director(s): Nicolas Hoefer

Copywriter(s): Margareth Jabczynski

Art Director(s): Christin Betge

Photographer(s): Dominik Butzmann

Production Company (& City): Be Columbus, Hannover

Film Director(s): René Päpke

Production Company Producer(s): René Päpke

Agency Producer(s): Antje Besser

Graphic Design: Anika Pal

Digital Artwork: Be Columbus

Programmer(s): Be Columbus

Short explanation

Outdoor media and traditional billboard posters are very important in European election campaign. Nevertheless: they are boring, since they consist of mute paper only. So far. We created a talking poster, and talking ads as well. Angela Merkel speaks in a video out of 15.000 posters and 6 Mio newspapers. And even from a driving bus. Absolutely stunning and never seen before.


Angela Merkel is the most popular German politician and the world most powerful women.