2013 Results

CAT 27 - Branded Entertainment (FLM)


Quad Group (FRANCE)

Guerlain, Shalimar: "The Legend of Shalimar"27-00356-FLM

Agency (& City): N/A

Production Company (& City): QUAD, Clichy FRANCE

Film Director(s): Bruno Aveillan

Production Company Producer(s): Martin Coulais

Line Producer: Claudia Traeger

Director of Photography: Patrick Duroux

Post Production: Digital District

Post producer: Nataly Aveillan

Artistic Director, Guerlain: Benjamin De Lapparent

International Marketing Director, Guerlain : Margerie Barbès-Petit

Fragrance Marketing Director, Guerlain: Ann-Caroline Prazan

Advertising Production Director, Guerlain: Jeannine Burglé

President, Guerlain: Laurent Boillot

1st Assistant Director: Bettina Godi

Production assistant: Clémence Lhuilier

SFX Supervisor on-set: Jean Pierre Grandet

Color grading: Jean-Clément Soret (MPC London)

Short explanation

This film was commissioned by Guerlain to capture the legendary love story behind the Taj Mahal, which inspired the creation of the perfume Shalimar in the 1920s. The story told to Jack and Raymond Guerlain was of the gardens of Shalimar, which sheltered the loves of the fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife, the Persian Mumtaz Mahal, A love so absolute that when she passed away, the emperor erected a white marble mausoleum for her in Agra. It would go on to become one of the wonders of the world: the Taj Mahal.

This film starring Natalia Vodianova, follows the fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan across India to meet his wife the Persian Mumtaz Mahal at her palace surrounded by Shalimar gardens and to present her with the Taj Mahal.