2013 Results

CAT 27 - Branded Entertainment (BC)


Blast Radius (FRANCE)

Converse: "Get Loud Paris"27-02259-BC

Agency (& City): Blast Radius Paris

Creative Director(s): Benjamin Bregeault

Art Director(s): Joris Tripier-Mondancin

Production Company (& City): Rods/Telematiq

Account Manager: Mikael Perhirin

Project Managers: Sohini Gogel, Matthieu Bouilhot, Hania Bellahsene, Berenice Roussel,

Strategist: Branislav Peric, Fanny Camus-Tournier

General Manager: Olivier Philippe

Short explanation

Converse has always been among the brands that are the most committed to rock music.
They asked us to imagine an innovative digital experience to engage strongly with the authentic hardcore music fans. We came up with Get Loud Paris, five bands, five gigs in unusual places in Paris. If you want to come along, you must roam the streets of the city...in google maps.
The closer you get to the band's concert venue, the louder the music play.
And when the gig is sold out, you can enjoy the very first live concert set up in street view!