2013 Results

CAT 27 - Branded Entertainment (FLM)



Volkswagen, VW Beetle: "The Beetle Shark Cage" Campaign
"The Design", "The Build" & "The Drive"

Agency: MediaCom

Agency: Deutsch LA

Agency: Edelman

Media Partner: Discovery Channel

Media/Branded Entertainment: Adam Pincus, David Fasola, Sean Williamson and Joanne Diaz

Creative Directors: Amanda Doyle, Matt Ian, Michael Kadin, Scott Clark and Jerome Austria

Media Partners/Discovery Channel: Mark Lewis, Stacy Tobin, Kevin McCarthy, Scott Felenstein

PR: Alex Milwee

GM/Marketing Communications, Volkswagen: Justin Osborne

Short explanation

The Volkswagen Beetle was perceived as a “girl’s car,” but with its sleek new design, we wanted to convince men that the Beetle was for them.

Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is a cultural phenomenon and delivers guys in big numbers.

Working with Discovery, we created a fully operational underwater Beetle -- a “Shark Observation Cage” that literally swam with sharks. Seeing the Beetle drive on the ocean floor as sharks swirled above was a spectacular sight.

Our three-part series detailed the design, creation and driving of the cage and was seamlessly integrated with Shark Week programming on TV and online. Our PR push resulted in coverage for the Beetle shark cage in the NY Times, Ad Age and more.

• Highest sales month of year
• 20% increase in male buyers
• Brand recall, likeability, brand opinion shot past benchmarks
• Above-average 65% completion rate
• 1.8 million Facebook posts
• Winner of two Cannes Lions Awards, Adweek's Media Plan of the Year, three OMMA Awards and a Creative Media Award