2013 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PR)


Advertising Agency Voskhod (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Online Newspaper Znak.com: "The Truth is Dangerous"28-00489-PR

Agency (& City): Voskhod (Yekaterinburg)

Creative Director(s): Andrey Gubaydullin

Copywriter(s): Egor Gavrilin, Alex Solodky

Art Director(s): Ilya Lineckiy

Production Company Producer(s): Voskhod (Yekaterinburg)

Short explanation

In Russia, journalists and bloggers who openly speak the truth are often prosecuted and even sent to jail.
Aksana Panova, chief editor of the independent, online newspaper Znak.com, is on trial fighting false accusations.
Mass media generally keeps silent about such trials.
But people should know that in a country without freedom of speech, there's nothing more dangerous than the truth.
We asked strangers simple casual questions. After they answered, we immediately held a fake trial against them.
More than 200 media mentions.
In just one week the audience of the online newspaper grew by 16% and Znak.com reached an impressive impact factor, jumping from 18th to 12th place in web-media ratings.
Znak.com. The more you read us, the harder it is to silence us.


online newspaper Znak.com