2013 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PR)


Leo Burnett Beirut (LEBANON)

Offre Joie, NGO: "Volunteers Seek No Recognition"28-01871-PR

Agency (& City): Leo Burnett Beirut

Creative Director(s): Bechara Mouzannar / Areej Mahmoud

Copywriter(s): Grace Kassab

Art Director(s): Davina Atallah

Deputy Managing Director: Nada Abi Saleh

Communication Manager: Grace Zakka

Digital Director: Samer Shoueiry

PR General Manager: Jo Chemali

PR Communication Manager: Hala Akiki

Short explanation

In October, a car bomb destroyed a residential area in Beirut. The physical and human devastation hardened sociopolitical differences. Without governmental support, Offre Joie united people to help the victims.
We needed to divert attention away from the political implications, refocusing them on human aspects to recruit volunteers for the rebuilding effort.
Our strategy relied on the concept of anonymous volunteerism, so we simply invited the public to volunteer in multiple ways. We asked the public to volunteer their social media profiles, their time, their voice, their media coverage, and above all, their hearts. Our strategy was more emotional than technical in that we recruited mass public support for the mission of Offre Joie, creating a domino effect. Our strategy required people to believe in national solidarity, and to spread awareness on their own accord.


Offre Joie is a non-partisan NGO that has been rebuilding war torn areas in Lebanon since 1989.
In October, there was a massive car bomb explosion in a crowded residential area in Achrafieh (in Beirut city in Lebanon). This explosion not only took lives, but damaged 4 big buildings and left their residents homeless.
Without any governmental support for these victims, Offre Joie stepped in to help them.
Offre Joie don’t label their volunteers (in terms of age, sex, sect, and social status). All of them are there to help, and do not seek anything in return.