2013 Results

CAT 29 - Promotions & Incentives (PIE)


DDB Stockholm (SWEDEN)

Volkswagen Sweden, Volkswagen cars: "The Migrator Bird"29-00643-PIE

Agency (& City): DDB Stockholm

Creative Director(s): Magnus Jakobsson & Fredrik Simonsson

Copywriter(s): Nick Christiansen & Stefan Gustafsson

Art Director(s): Joel Ekstrand & Lennart Claesson

Business Director: Jenny Kaiser

Account Director: Peter Grönlund

Digital Producer: Katarina Mohlin

Account Manager: Therese Loodin

Digital Director: Martin Runfors

Developer: Koji Wakayama

Technical Director: Andreas Fabbe

Motion Graphics: Eskil Lundberg

Graphic Design: Niklas Andersson

Short explanation

Volkswagen sponsors the Swedish national Ski-team. To tie the sponsorship closer, a series of
winter edition cars were developed. The objective of the campaign was to bring to life the idea that
Volkswagen's winter adjusted cars are ideal for the Swedish winter climate, and communicate a
time limited special offer on these models.
We created a special offer for the Swedish winter, where the length of the offer was controlled by…
the Swedish winter. Together with the university in Lund, we live-tracked an osprey bird on its
migration path from Sweden down to Western Sahara, and back again. You could follow the bird
across the globe on the campaign site, and guess when he returned for a chance to win fine
prizes. The offer lasted until the bird returned. It's a winter adjusted offer for a winter adjusted car.
Not only did we communicate a time limited offer in an enjoyable and fresh way, we also tied
Volkswagens brand closer to the Swedish winter and the Swedish nature.
To date, 134870 unique visitors has followed the osprey on its migration across the globe,
spending approximately 2 minutes on average taking part in Volkswagen's winter adjusted offer.
With this in mind, we gave Volkswagen a great opportunity to communicate their desired position
as the car for the Swedish winter.


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