2013 Results

CAT 29 - Promotions & Incentives (PR)


The Fan Club (SWEDEN)

Malmö Järnhandel (Malmö Hardware Store), Hardware Store: "Toolpool"29-01615-PR

Agency (& City): The Fan Club

Creative Director(s): Christian Barrett

Copywriter(s): Gustav Johansson, Ida Backman

Art Director(s): Markus Lindsjö, Martin Ohlsson

Account Director: Klas Oskarsson

Account Manager: Peter Andersson, Rebecka Hjorth

Pr Director: Ola Obrant Andreasson

Digital Developer: Ehsan Pourhadi

Final Art: Helena Ivarsson, Björn Kongslöv

Strategist: Ulla-Karin Barrett

Intern: Fanny Freimann

Short explanation

Malmö Hardware Store needed an idea to be able to compete with the giant home improvement chains that are taking over the market. We learned that the store's main earnings come from supplies. Not from expensive power tools, that you probably only use once or twice. So, in
December 2012 we introduced ToolPool. It's like a carpool, but with tools. And it's for free. The booking system is a Facebook app, and the only payment required is that you share our message. 8 out of 10 people who borrowed tools bought supplies in the store. And sales increased by 25%.


Malmö Järnhandel is a hardware store in the centre of Malmö, Sweden.