2013 Results

CAT 29 - Promotions & Incentives (PIE)


McCANN Worldgroup Deutschland (GERMANY)

Terre des Femmes e.V.: "The Truth"29-02382-PIE

Agency (& City): McCann Germany/ Duesseldorf, Berlin

Creative Director(s): Kerstin Eichner, Bill Biancoli, Stephan Baechle

Copywriter(s): Andreas Manthey

Art Director(s): Julia Cornelius, Nicole Newie, Sinisa Kresoja

Production Company (& City): Parasol Island Duesseldorf

Film Director(s): Denis Guth

Production Company Producer(s): Vanessa Tomm

Agency Producer(s): Tim Erlmann

Art Buyer: Tina Krakow

Account Manager: Cora Heine

Short explanation

We developed a special makeup that reveals the outcomes of domestic violence rather than conceals it. It´s called: The Truth by TERRE DES FEMMES. What is special about this makeup is that it contains blue-green greasepaint. Then we choose a top location and put up our stand. It is disguised as a makeup stand and we invite women to come over for a free makeup. What the women do not know is that instead of giving them fantastic makeup, we give them a black eye. It was not only the women who had been made up that were shocked when they saw themselves in the mirror, but also passers-by. We give them and the audience a kind of shock moment that was desired to achieve. That way we could leave a lasting impression.


Terre des Femmes is a non-profit women's rights organisation.
They fight against female genital mutilation, violence in the name of honor (forced marriage, honor killing), trafficking in women, forced prostitution and domestic violence.