2013 Results

CAT 29 - Promotions & Incentives (PIE)


Åkestam Holst (SWEDEN)

Pressbyrån, Saffron Buns: "The Hot Stamp"29-03189-PIE

Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm

Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius

Copywriter: Kalle Åkestam

Art Director: Petra Albrektson

Account Director: Sara Clewemar

Account Director: Thomas Gibson

Account Manager: Bella Lagerquist

Producer: Johan Eklund

Digital Producer: Alex Picha

Planner: Patrik Karlsson

Graphic Designer: Oscar Gardö

Motion Designer: Nisse Axman

Short explanation

Our mission was to tell people that Pressbyrån has the freshest saffron buns since they, compare to most sale locations, bake several times a day.
Just saying that Pressbyrån has the freshest safron bun was not going to be enough, we knew that we had to prove it somehow. The solution was to challenge a process that had looked the same since, well forever, the baking process itself. We sent out new baking trays with different times stamped on them so that every baked safron bun got a time stamp in the bottom, transforming every bun into a fresh DM.


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