2013 Results

CAT 30 - Animation (FLM)


Unit Image (FRANCE)

Ubisoft, The Crew : "The Crew"30-01575-FLM

Postproduction Company (& City): Unit Image (Paris)

Film Director(s): Andy's

Marketing Manager: Delphine Dosset

Production Manager: Sophie Penziki

Creative Director(s): Julian Gerighty

Composer: Olivier Ranquet

Production company: Ubisoft Production Internationale (Paris)

Client(s): Ivory Tower

Short explanation

The concept of this full CGI trailer consisted of juxtaposing the two worlds valued highly by car lovers: aesthetically pleasing advertisements and hefty action scenes. The link between aesthetic constructions and mind-blowing racing scenes is the true originality that makes this trailer stand out from others of this genre. It proved to be a rich, thrilling as well as a dramatic new principle. We highlighted the distinctive features of The Crew such as the novelty of the multi-player aspect, the feeling of freedom in an open world, an incredible diversity of the sets and in the vehicles’ customisation. It required to create a lot of different sets and add FX on almost every shots of the film. It also required a technical follow-up in the automotive field in order to make the film as much realistic as possible while keeping a fast and catchy pace. The musical aspect also played a strong part for this trailer and we worked hand-in-hand with a composer who remixed the music so that it reinforces the images.


This trailer represents the universe of “The Crew” an open world racing MMO game. This new concept is developed by Ivory Tower for Ubisoft for the next-generation consoles and was released for E3 2013.