2013 Results

CAT 31 - Direction & Cinematography (FLM)



Samsung, Smart TV: "Charge"31-00066-FLM

Agency (& City): CHI & Partners London

Creative Director(s): Jonathan Burley & Richard Brim

Copywriter(s): Neil Clarke

Art Director(s): Jay Phillips

Production Company (& City): Somesuch & Co London

Film Director(s): Romain Gavros

Production Company Producer(s): Nick Goldsmith

Agency Producer(s): Caroline Angell

DOP: Benoit Debie

Editing Company: Hagon London

Editor: Jono Griffith

Music Artist and Title: Kill It Kid-Run

Post Porduction Company: MPC

Sound Design: 750 MPH London

Sound Designer: Sam Ashwell

SFX/Computer Graphics: Rob Walker

CGI Supervisor: Christopher Antoniou

Camerman: Benoit Debie

Cinematographer: Benoit Debie

Lighting: Benoit Debie

Production Designer/Art Director: Kim Sinclair

Production Manager: Angela Hovey

Executive Producer: Tim Nash

Visual Effects Assistants: Jim Spatling/ Timo Huber

Short explanation

This epic TV spot promotes the new Samsung Smart TV, a television that recommends content for the viewer and can be controlled with gesture and voice. The commercial features a spectacular, headlong stampede of extreme characters from TV and film – Roman Centurions and cheerleaders, cop cars and SWAT helicopters, Maori warriors and WW2 soldiers, Marie Antoinette, even a whip-wielding albino minotaur in a chariot. With a ferocious attention to detail, a cinematic vision and a firm grip on a genuinely daunting production, the director orchestrated a huge variety of production talent and film-making disciplines to deliver an ambitious spot that is both visually extraordinary and narratively compelling.