2013 Results

CAT 31 - Direction & Cinematography (FLM)


Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH (GERMANY)

Hornbach Baumarkt AG: "And what will remain of you?"31-00467-FLM

Agency (& City): HEIMAT, Berlin

CEO: Matthias von Bechtolsheim, Maik Richter

Account Director: Maik Richter

Account Manager: Christina Walke, Fabian Stein

CCO: Guido Heffels

Creative Director(s): Guido Heffels

Copywriter(s): Sabina Hesse

Art Director(s): Teresa Jung

Junior Art Director: Benedikt Gansczyk

Agency Producer(s): Kerstin Heffels

Documentation: Boris Kraschin

Production Company (& City): CZAR Film GmbH, Berlin

Photographer(s): Menno Mans

Film Director(s): Koen Mortier

Production Company Producer(s): Jan Fincke

Editor: Emmanuel van Hove

Soundmix: David Arnold (Loft)

Music: Thomas Berlin (Berlin Audio)

Postproduction: Dennis Vocke

VFX: Peter Hacker

Short explanation

The HORNBACH campaign "And what will remain of you?" is a question we've all asked ourselves at one time: What will remain of us after we're gone? The TVC "Staircase" shows the symbolic importance and value of hand-built projects as personal legacies. The work will live on and serve as a lasting personal reminder of its creator.


Hornbach Baumarkt AG is one of Germany's top five Home Improvement Superstores;
establishments in the Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland and Austria.