2013 Results

CAT 34 - Advertising Photography (PRE)


Leg agency (FRANCE)

Biocanina: "Love Him Like You Love Yourself" Campaign
"Love Him Like You Love Yourself", "Love Him Like You Love Yourself", "Love Him Like You Love Yourself" & "Love Him Like You Love Yourself"

Agency (& City): leg. (Paris)

Creative Director(s): Gabriel Gaultier

Copywriter(s): Olivier Camensuli

Art Director(s): Sébastien Pierre

Photographer(s): Luke Stephenson

Agency Producer(s): Sandrine Raveneau

Account Planner: Brice Garçon

Account Director: Emilie Alalof

Account Executive: Pauline Furman

Art Buyer : Flavie Smilenko

Biocanina Account Director: Anne Chauder

Short explanation

The aim of that campaign is to remind that as your pet is an integral part of your life, you must look after your pet as much as you look after yourself.
That’s why we have photographed portraits of pets with one hand of their owner, giving the impression that the owner and the pet are as one.


Biocanina is the French market leader in medical care products for dogs and cats.